This is a brief update on the practice’s flu season planning for 2020/21.

The practice has already purchased flu vaccines for our over 65 population and our ‘At Risk’ category groups.  This exercise is undertaken around September/October time of the previous year.

The practice has initially increased, where possible based on availability of stock, an additional 10% of vaccines purchased last year.  We have done this pre-empting that our practice population eligible for the flu vaccination, that uptake may increase due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We note the recent media coverage where the vaccination programme has now been opened out to the Year 7 age school children and the over 50s.

We are aware the Department of Health have secured additional adult vaccines but practices are unable to order any extra from their normal suppliers.  Further guidance regarding additional vaccines and how the practice can access them if needed will be released in September.

We will further update you once the practice has further information to confirm with respect to specific flu sessions to be scheduled taking into consideration social distancing measures.

Drs Simo & Wijesinghe – the Health Centre Surgery